Fruit Juice Authenticity, Bioanalytical Services,Multiplexing QPCR

 HADS is an independent contract testing laboratory that provides advanced chemical and biomedical analysis, product testing, and product development services  to its clients. We provide our services to manufactures, distributors, lawyers, biopharmaceutical companies and many more. HADS has developed its own analytical testing devices based on licensed and patented technologies. We provide bioanalytical services, Fruit Juice Authenticity, Multiplexing PCR services routinely.

SERVICES and Facilities

Laboratory Facilities


We maintain state of art equipment providing enough possibilities for our clients to  complete projects of diverse nature requiring unique thinking and advanced  analytical approach                     

Laboratory Facilities


 HADS  maintains equipments like HPLCs with several different types of detectors and column chemistries,. LC/MS, LC/MS/MS 

Laboratory Facilities


 GC s with various kinds of detectors, GC/MS.  Biacore SPR system, Real time PCR systems like RGQ MDx, ABI 7700, capillary electrophoresis system .

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